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An Ukrainian recipe

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A Ukrainian recipe for a summer dish, made with moisturizing and nutrients ingredients.

Carrots with yogurt: a fresh salad.

Summer arrives and with it the desire for fresh salads: here a popular recipe from Ukraine based on carrots.

Brush the carrots under running water, remove the ends’ but do not peel them. After dried grate them like matches, spraying with lemon juice to prevent it oxidize on contact with air.

Separately, prepare a sauce by mixing some grated garlic with mayonnaise and yogurt, add the toasted nuts chopped coarsely, salt to taste.

in a bowl, mix the sauce with 4/5 of grated carrots. cover it with remaining carrots and sprinkle with sunflower seeds. Completed with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Try it and, please, let me know! Of course I would put more yogurt than mayonnaise to keep fit:)


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Hello world!

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Hello beautiful world! This will become a translation service in these languages: Italian, English, Polish. But there will be more, it will become a great bridge between Italy and the world with the funniest news, great recipes, and more! Now I am having some big work in progress.