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Starbucks in Vienna, Austria

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Vienna has 11 Starbucks, they are all convenient but I fell in love with this one because it’s situated in a small street, close the metro station and 10 meters from the famous street Maria Hill. Specially Kevin is very kind with all the customers.

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Souvenir shop, Vienna Austria

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After weeks of staying in Vienna and after visiting all the souvenir shops, I can suggest to all  tourists a small souvenir shop, probably they don’t have a lot of items but the same ones are always more expensive in all the other shops.

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In the photos you can see the address and the opening hours, it’s located just 5 min. from the S. Stephen Cathedral and from the Albertina.

Strock Bakery, Austrian Food

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For the people who will visit Austria: the best bakery comparing quality, price and choice is Strock. They even have a special bread Bio for kids, I am not a kid but I tested: it’s delicious. I brought home different kinds of their bread and they last for days, actually 6 days!

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Joseph Morgan, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder

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Well I need to say that the most nice and sensible man, after Ian, was Joseph Morgan. He seemed really “true”, he was not an actor on the stage during the convention.

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Ian and Matthew

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Ian was showing Paul’s used favorite t shirt! Still with Paul’s parfume on! Look at Matthew’s face! This was really funny.

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Paul Wesly, Michael Trevino and Matthew Davis

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Ian Somerhalder and Joseph Morgan

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Vienna Convention.
The most nice panel was the Ian’s panel and the Joseph’s panel. They had spoken about interesting things but they had joked too. These are very nice men!

Vienna, Austria

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Impossible to miss this cake if you are going to Vienna, Austria.
The Mozart Torte! Never forget, Mozart’s cake. The Aida bakery/cafe’ has it and Aida is everywhere in Vienna.


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Whoever would need PROFESSIONAL translations from/to English, Polish and Italian please contact me, I would do it only by donations and I will collect money for ISF, I have a crowdrise account for this!
Thank you!

Vampire Diaries convention Vienna

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Youngest fan!