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Clever, food in Austria

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After testing a lot of products I can truly say that this brand: Clever, it is really “clever”! Great quality and great price. They make everything, from rice to bread, juices and much more.

Look for them in the Austrian grocery stores!

Milan, Italy

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The best way to reach Milan is by train if only to appreciate the old train station done all iron, probably the most beautiful in all Italy.

Everyone nows that Milan is a business city and a fashion city but there a couple of thing you should not miss:

First of all one of the masterpiece made by Leonardo Da Vinci at the Cenacolo Vinciano: The Last Supper. I took a photo of the garden, it is not allow to take pictures inside.

Second the Pinacoteca Brera: a museum with a very nice collection of paintings.

Third: The Duomo and The Castello Sforzesco.

To buy an edible souvenir there is a very old and famous candy and chocolate shop: Galli, just few steps from the Duomo.

To eat a good ice cream in Milan it can be difficult because Milan is not famous for the ice cream, it is not in its tradition but now there is a really great ice cream shop actually there are 3 of them: Riva Reno.

If you will have any question, please, write me.


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Here my favorite summer recipe with pasta:

At least a couple of hours before your lunch or dinner time cut the cherry tomatoes and put them in a glass bowl with basil, salt, a pinch of pepper and of course some extra virgin olive oil. Also for those who like garlic it can be added. Now you can cut the mozzarella cheese in small cubes and put them in the bowl. Cover with a lid.

Boil the pasta: penne or fusilli or farfalle types will perform better and remember that “al dente” is more healthy. When ready drain the pasta and put it in the bowl, stir and serve.

An original  Tuscan recipe, enjoy!

After try it if you will like it you can support my fundraising: http://www.crowdrise.com/barbaratintisona

Thanks to everyone.

Chocolates and candies in Wien

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 Could someone be on diet in these kind of countries? Everything is so good!

Italian deals

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Let me introduce you my little shop.

Hope you will enjoy it.


Crimson Sky Convention Wien 2012

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 I read that Vienna is organizing a new convention for next year but I am really very doubtful because they still need to refund the 5% of the promotion they did. About the party they organized and for which I have purchased the tickets, well, it was a great delusion for more than one reason. First of all no actor came but it was promised,  second it was told that it  would been some prizes or a contest for the best dresses because the party was a ’60 party as in the Vampire Diaries’ style! But anything of this happen and the cost of the ticket was 49 Euro! In the picture there is my outfit for that evening. The actors were sitting on stools, it looked very uncomfortable. The pauses between a panel and another one was too long and there was not anything interesting to see or do or listen to in the meantime. They should think that the tickets were really expensive! Not all of us have bought the ticket for 400 euro that it had included photos shooting and meet & greet to do and so a result it had less time to get bored.

I really hope they understood how a convention should be.



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Italian and French items

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Austrian Strudel

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The fantastic strudel from Zum Martin Sepp, in Grinzing, Wien.

Eating in Wien or Vienna

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Vienna has many places to eat but what I suggest to all the tourists it’s this: “Do not leave Vienna without being in Grinzing”. Grinzing is one of the nicest place you can enjoy so close to a big city like Vienna, it’s situated on a hill so specially in summer it’s the perfect place to be. It’s a residential neighborhood with these lovely traditional restaurants, I’ve been in all of them but from years and years my favorite is always one: Zum Martin Sepp. Their local wine is superb and the meals are so good. If you don’t like to eat a la carte there is a fantastic option that let you walk around a hot buffet where there is always someone serving you, you will chose whatever you prefer. The quality compared to the price is really fair. For a happy ending their desserts are home maid too and the strudel, oh the strudel, fantastic.