Crimson Sky Convention Wien 2012

In Uncategorized on July 4, 2012 at 9:46 am

 I read that Vienna is organizing a new convention for next year but I am really very doubtful because they still need to refund the 5% of the promotion they did. About the party they organized and for which I have purchased the tickets, well, it was a great delusion for more than one reason. First of all no actor came but it was promised,  second it was told that it  would been some prizes or a contest for the best dresses because the party was a ’60 party as in the Vampire Diaries’ style! But anything of this happen and the cost of the ticket was 49 Euro! In the picture there is my outfit for that evening. The actors were sitting on stools, it looked very uncomfortable. The pauses between a panel and another one was too long and there was not anything interesting to see or do or listen to in the meantime. They should think that the tickets were really expensive! Not all of us have bought the ticket for 400 euro that it had included photos shooting and meet & greet to do and so a result it had less time to get bored.

I really hope they understood how a convention should be.



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