Milan, Italy

In Travel on July 21, 2012 at 3:47 pm

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The best way to reach Milan is by train if only to appreciate the old train station done all iron, probably the most beautiful in all Italy.

Everyone nows that Milan is a business city and a fashion city but there a couple of thing you should not miss:

First of all one of the masterpiece made by Leonardo Da Vinci at the Cenacolo Vinciano: The Last Supper. I took a photo of the garden, it is not allow to take pictures inside.

Second the Pinacoteca Brera: a museum with a very nice collection of paintings.

Third: The Duomo and The Castello Sforzesco.

To buy an edible souvenir there is a very old and famous candy and chocolate shop: Galli, just few steps from the Duomo.

To eat a good ice cream in Milan it can be difficult because Milan is not famous for the ice cream, it is not in its tradition but now there is a really great ice cream shop actually there are 3 of them: Riva Reno.

If you will have any question, please, write me.


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