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Earth Day 2013

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This page is dedicated to our EARTH: the 22nd April 2013 we celebrate its birthday.
I am a proud supporter of one of the best foundation we have today that really cares about our environment so I am attaching the page that the ISF website has published some days ago. I am adding some photos from all around the world, of course only some examples, but I hope that everyone may find something worth to make a donation to the ISFoundation, something worth to care about: Earth is our home and we must take care of her.
There are some photos I took like the photos with Ian Somerhalder and the ISF’s Director when I was at their conference in Wien, Austria.
The link for the donations: http://www.crowdrise.com/isfearthday/fundraiser/barbaratintisona

Save the Earth Secretly


National University of Singapore ‘15


Maybe you’re not ready to step out of your comfort zone and face the world head on. Maybe you are afraid of people thinking that you’re uncool because you have a strong passion for the environment, or maybe you’re surrounded by friends who do not have the same amount of passion as you do. Yet you find yourself wanting to make a change and a difference in the world. Hopefully these tips will encourage you to take a leap of faith to step up and be heard.

Here’s what you can do (as a start):

1. Sign petitions

You can start by signing petitions, passing the link on and spreading the news to your friends. Make use of the social networks available. It doesn’t mean that just because you’re surrounded by people who don’t really care about the environment that the rest of the world doesn’t. Alternatively, instead of signing a petition, maybe you can create one!

Here are some petitions you can consider:


ISF European Support

World Wildlife Fund


You can also consider participating in the “I Will If You Will” challenge in the annual Earth Hour event.

2. Create a blog or a public twitter account

Create a blog or a twitter account that is dedicated solely to the environment. Retweet tweets (about the environment) from your local news agencies, international news agencies and foundations – continue to stay updated and be informed. You’ll be informing other people too! Write your take on environmental issues on a blog and who knows; maybe you’ll get to meet like-minded people as well!

3. Support foundations, projects and charities

Giving your support to foundations that strive to make this world a better place by donating or contributing (like writing an article) is a good way to start. Donating to projects targeted at saving the environment on Kickstarter is also a good way to help out. Even if you can’t donate, spread the word about them and get others to help. Reading the news to stay informed? Why not go the extra mile (after you’ve read the news article) and do something. RYOT provides you with the news and suggests actions that you can take at the bottom of each news article.

4. Practice simple ‘save the environment’ steps every day

Often we tend to forget that we, too, can help save the earth through our actions at home. Simple steps such as turning off the tap while brushing your teeth, unplugging unused appliances from the power sockets, turning off the lights and fan when you leave the room and using a fan instead of the air conditioner can go a long way.

If you’re making a trip to the grocery store near your house, why not take a walk or cycle instead of using the car. This not only saves you a couple of bucks, it also allows you to exercise. Saying “no” to plastic bags as well as bringing your own bags while purchasing goods is also another way you can contribute to saving the earth

By doing these simple steps, you could be unconsciously influencing your family and friends to adopt these actions too!

5. Go ‘Green’ whenever you can; raise environmental awareness

Thinking of hosting a party or maybe planning an upcoming wedding? Why not make it a ‘green’ one. It doesn’t mean that because it is ‘green’ that everything cannot be as extravagant and as meaningful – it still can be. Sometimes it’s the simplest things in life that bring us the greatest joys instead.

Maybe you haven’t reached that stage of your life yet. Well, you can always take on spontaneous “secret” actions to raise environmental awareness in your community.

Creating a “Before I Die…” wall (and limiting it strictly to environmental goals) could be a fun way to reach out to people. Creating a few “pass it on” bookmarks with environmental messages on them and then putting them in random library books could also be another way. There are so many other ways in which you can reach out to the public!

If you’re a fan of music, you can check out and support groups that dedicate their songs to raising environmental awareness in the community. Or if you’re in a band yourself, why not dedicate a song or two or a shout out for the environment after your performance. After all, even the little actions can influence change in our community.

6. Volunteer at an environmental company or agency

Giving some time out of your hectic schedule may be tough – but sometimes a change of pace and an extra spice of life might just give you the extra push that you need. One would probably think that volunteering with no friends might be boring – never fret! This may actually be a blessing in disguise. Volunteering at an environmental company means that you get to meet people who are just as passionate about the environment as you.

Or maybe you already have certain skill sets and want to put them to use – such as diving. Get reef check trained and you can volunteer at a local organization that conduct surveys in local waters from time to time.

Pressed for time during school hours? You can consider looking for internships at environmental companies during your holidays instead. Maybe the pay isn’t as great but what you get to learn and experience is beyond measure. Who knows, maybe this will ignite your passion further and spur you to take bigger actions and step out of your comfort zone.

While the aforementioned tips may seem insignificant compared to large-scale organizations’ efforts, we must bear in mind that these small steps could cast a long shadow in future environmental efforts and should never be belittled.

However, the most important tool in fighting the war against environmental destruction is not through sophisticated technology, but instead, a change in the apathetic attitudes of people towards these issues, without which our environmental problems can never be addressed properly. Therefore, I strongly urge everyone out there who is passionate about saving our Earth to stand up, inspire and empower others to do so too.

Change begins with the smallest steps but to revolutionize the world – that requires plucking up the courage to stand up for what you believe in, even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone.